Could Fallout 4 Be The Biggest Seller This Fall?

Fallout 4 is a little over two months away and the excitement from fans of the franchise couldn’t be any higher. Ever since it was announced at E3 this year it’s been getting plenty of hype around it and Bethesda has a lot of expectations to live up to for this one. The hype and excitement around this though makes sense, after all it has been seven long years since Bethesda made Fallout 3. There was Fallout: New Vegas in 2010, but that wasn’t directly handled by Bethesda themselves.

Since the announcement trailer at E3 Bethesda has released more information here and there about the upcoming game. There have been more gameplay videos and screenshots shown to end up garnering even more excitement about Fallout 4. Based on what Bethesda have shared so far, this game will be massive with hours upon hours to sink into playing. If sales end up reflecting the levels of excitement that fans have shown, this could sell very well for Bethesda, but will anyone be surprised?


As quickly as the Pip-Boy Collector’s Edition went on sale, it was sold out. In about less than a day it was almost impossible to find a place to pre-order your own copy. Here and there Bethesda would announce that more Pip-Boys were back in-stock and those would vanish as well. Then about a month ago Pete Hines had said the factories just can’t make anymore of them. I’m sure Pete Hines and Bethesda wish they could make more, but the factories have reached their capacity for them. Now your only hope to get ahold of one is for ridiculous prices on eBay, but you’d have to be crazy to do that, right?

So it’s clear the demand is there for a new Fallout game. And with so many new game releases coming this Fall there’s a healthy amount of competition for sales. It’s no doubt Fallout 4 will outsell Fallout 3, but could it be the biggest selling game this Fall? We’ll have to wait and find out.

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