Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare {Game Review}

For the fourth installment in the Call of Duty franchise Infinity Ward took a different approach and put you in a modern time period instead of the World War II setting as before. This is the game that seems to be the majority of players favorite Call of Duty, and that includes me as well. While I haven’t played all of the games in the franchise, it is my favorite out of all the ones I have played. It brought on a short, but sweet campaign that was fully engrossing and a multiplayer that set the standards of future installments.

The campaign is rather short, clocking in at about 5-6 hours, although I played it twice; once on regular difficulty to get random achievements and then Veteran difficulty. Once again, you’ll play as multiple soldiers from different countries, one from the British military and one from the US military. The mission variety keeps things fresh and entertaining from beginning to end, my most favorite being a stealthy sniper mission that was my favorite. The downside from having the campaign being so short is that since this game is so engrossing story-wise, you might be in shock when the credits roll and making you wish there was more. Back in the day when this was new, the longevity of the game was the multiplayer aspect. That is something I didn’t get to experience so I can’t really comment on how it was, but the overwhelming consensus is that it was great.


The controls are just as familiar as previous installments, so if you’re a veteran to this franchise you’ll feel right at home when you start this game. The AI can be hit or miss at times though. Your teammates will move up accordingly as long as you keep moving as well and handling what they can. Other times they can be a little ditzy and run into a wall or fire in the wrong direction at the enemy. Although you likely won’t notice it all that much with how engaged you are in the action.

The graphics in this game are really great, especially for their time and to me have aged fairly well. While it’s not up to par to 2015 standards it’s nothing to scoff at. Character animations look realistic as well as faces of your other squad members. The graphics do a great job at making the experience of playing immersive and realistic, whether it be open fields, houses and shacks or nuclear ravaged Chernobyl. Frame-rate holds steady for the most part throughout the game and with minimal clipping experienced. The audio is also top-notch and you’ll want to play this game as loud as you can to get the full experience to hear the bullets whizzing by you or the explosions from grenades going off. The voice work is very good as well, with plenty of it throughout the story.


Despite the campaign being on the short side, it’s still a fun experience that could make you want to replay it all over just for fun. What is somewhat sad though is only being the fourth installment in the franchise this seems to be where it peaks. I haven’t had as much fun playing a Call of Duty game like I did with this one. Even if it is an older game, it is a game that I would go back and revisit anytime to re-experience it all over again. If you haven’t played this game, you should do it now and prepared to be wowed.


  • Engrossing story and keeps you engaged
  • Graphics and sound design are good for their time
  • Mechanics are good and tight


  • Campaign in on the short side

Rating: 9

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