Destiny’s Sleeper Simulant Quest is Finally Available

Ever since the Black Spindle was stumbled upon in a “secret mission” in one of Destiny’s Daily Heroic missions, the community has been on the lookout for the next secret and hidden things that could be in the game. That led people to wonder how the Sleeper Simulant, an exotic Fusion Rifle that uses the heavy weapon slot and assumed to be the next Gjallarhorn 2.0, would be unlocked or found. Well it turns out it didn’t need finding after all and the community just had to wait for the quest line to show up.

And that is exactly what happened today at the daily reset for Destiny. Players were surprised to find the quest line for the Sleeper Simulant finally begin with the first misison called ‘The First Firewall’ that will now show up on the Earth map directory. Although this mission will not show up for everyone just yet.

To even get the mission to show up at the Gunsmith players will have first needed to find and turn in four DVALIN fusion rifle relics that can be found as random drops from killing enemies. These four Golden Age relics are required to kick off this quest-line.

Once all four of those are found, you will notice ‘The First Firewall’ in your Earth map. This mission will send you back into Rasputin’s Seraphim Vault. Once inside you’ll have to fight four waves of Hive and Taken Knights and then a final boss.

First Firewall

Upon killing that final boss you will get a new item to drop as a reward called a ‘Curious Transceiver’ that will require the player to enter in four different passcodes to activate this item. 

Curious Transceiver

This is a cool new mechanic that has now been added to the game. What are the passcodes you might ask? Well if you were clever enough to pay attention during the mission, you might have figured it out. The passcodes correspond to each wave of the Knights that spawned in during the final fight and the order of which they spawned. Basically the Hive Knights = 0 or top and the Taken Knights = 1 or bottom when entering the code. So the four passcodes are as follows:

0 1  0 0 1 1 1 0 1

0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0

0 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 0

0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0

After you’ve entered those passcodes you will have activated the Transceiver and begin “broadcasting” in order to find a new relic on Earth. This unlock a new mission called ‘Shadow Cell’. 

Shadow Cell

Shadow Cell takes place in the final area where the Cayde’s Stash mission was and requires players to reach the top of the tower within four minutes time. Now having a time limit to pressure you, it would be a wise decision to just avoid all enemies and run past them to ensure you make the time limit. Once you reach the top you’ll have to fight three Taken Wizards and upon defeating them you’ll be rewarded with a new item called the IKELOS Fusion Core.

Fusion Core

Taking a look at this new item and you’ll notice five new nodes to figure out what they mean. To activate these nodes you will now have to fullfill a new requirement. In short this is what each node requires you to do:

Ionized Shell Harmonics – Beat the Archives mission on Venus

Heavy Power Coupling – Dismantle a legendary/exotic heavy weapon

Plasma Confinement Control Module 1 – Do the Warsat public event on Earth

Plasma Confinement Control Module 2 – Do the Warsat public event on the Moon

Plasma Confinement Control Module 3 – Do the Warsat public event on Mars

To easily find the Warsat public events that need to be completed just use destiny public events website to find out when they spawn into the world. This will make things go faster than just standing around hoping they show up while you’re there.

Once you’ve finished activating all five of the nodes you’re almost done. Next you’ll have to return to the Gunsmith in the Tower to turn in the Fusion Core. With that turned in, Banshee will tell you to wait while he shows the Fusion Core to the City’s Foudries. And that is where the community is left hanging. The quest line goes cold and we have completed all that we can until Bungie decides to reveal the rest of the quest line to us.

So get out there and work you way towards getting the coveted Sleeper Simulant!

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