Destiny’s Sleeper Simulant Has Been Aquired!

So yesterday it was reported that the Sleeper Simulant quest line was officially obtainable and unlocked. After thinking that we would have to be waiting a while for the next part of the quest to unlock, to much surprise it only took until the next daily reset. Upon reset players that completed the first part yesterday were greeted by the Gunsmith with a new mission as part of that quest called ‘The Sleeper Stirs’.


Players were then sent back to Earth to complete a special Level 42 variant of the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. strike with a recommend Light level of 280 and the Epic modifier active. There is matchmaking available for this as well, so if you’re riding solo don’t worry! Although this version of the strike was moderately difficult for myself and the group I was with.


Upon completing that strike you will get another item to drop as your reward that pertains to the Sleeper Simulant. That reward is the Sleeper Simulant Weapon Frame. You are now one step closer to your new exotic weapon!


Then you must return to the Gunsmith and give him your newly aquired weapon frame that dropped. Upon giving the Gunsmith this item you will now be rewarded with the coveted Sleeper Simulant! It is now yours to go out in the world and destroy some enemies. It only drops at 290 Light though, but given how the quest line wasn’t that difficult I’m fine with. There’s always Infusion as an option to bring it to higher levels.


So congratulations Guardian on your newly aquired weapon! I like how Bungie went about us getting this weapon as a quest line and not just a random drop you get from killing a boss or completing the raid. It adds a bit of variety. It’s still early, but we’ll soon find out what this weapon is capable of in terms of damage!

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