LEGO Indiana Jones {Game Review}

The LEGO games are somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. I grew up playing with LEGO sets all the time, so this is sort of a way for me to still play with LEGOs just in a different medium. You’d expect any of these games to be more gear for kids, and while they kind of are, they are just as much fun for the older crowd. This installment to the LEGO game franchise is the third game released on the seventh generation of game consoles, and was released back in 2008. LEGO Indiana Jones will take you through different scenes from the first three films in the Indiana Jones film franchise with a fun little blocky twist to them.


The game for the majority of the time is that of a puzzle-solving game with small parts of light combat and platforming elements thrown in between. The puzzles themselves aren’t very complicated, but they aren’t so easy that things get boring either. The pacing also doesn’t suffer from giving you something that is so complicated that it takes forever just to figure out before you can progress. You’ll play as Indy the majority of the time where you can use his whip to disarm enemies, jump across gaps or even vanquish your enemies leaving them in a pile of bricks. Your partner that accompanies you along in different levels will also have special abilities ranging from fixing broken objects, deciphering hieroglyphs or screaming like a banshee. Taking advantage of your partner’s abilities will help you solve certain puzzles that you can’t yourself and help you move along in the game. Once you’ve beaten a level you’ll unlock the option to go back and replay it in Free Play, which is a less linear version of playing the levels. This is where you can go back and get any of the hidden treasure you may have missed or use new characters that you’ve unlocked to access secret areas previously unavailable.

While the puzzles throughout the game are fun, the humor is also something to appreciate and laugh at. There’s no voice acting in the game aside from grunts, so the cutscenes that take place will be more of a visual treat as it replays some of the more memorable events from the films. Traveller’s Tales, the games developer, have also added some nice easter eggs in the game that call back to the previous Lego games. You’ll find some soldiers wearing Darth Vader masks, Belloq making fun of C-3PO, and a nice homage to Hoth hidden away in a level.


It might seem hard to criticize this game, but there are a few downfalls to Lego Indiana Jones. One of them being if you’re familiar with other Lego games then this one is just about more of the same except this time you’re playing as Indy instead of Hans Solo. You’ll just feel that this time around it’s just a variation of the same thing. The combat that is sprinkled throughout can get a bit repetitive at times, even more so when there’s a large group of enemies coming after you. It can also be hard to tell how far away you are from platforms or edges of platforms and can make jumping sequences slightly difficult leading to multiple tries before succeeding. While these are little nitpicks, they don’t hinder the overall experience of the game and the fun you end up having.

Graphically the game isn’t very ground-breaking or outstanding, but it does look quite good in the visual sense. The age of the game doesn’t really show since it’s all animation and it can be quite easy to make animation look good compared to regular games that try and make graphics look realistic. The sounds in the game are also quite good for what they are and the sounds from characters will give you a good chuckle from time-to-time. You won’t be rattling any windows with bass, but it does sound nice overall with the music in-game.


Lego Indy is a great installment to the Lego videogame franchise that offers a decent amount of enjoyment. The nice pacing, funny cutscenes, and moderately challenging puzzles make this a good step forward to these games. There’s enough to the game to make you come back for a second playthrough so you can get that 100% completion without getting dull. Whether you’re a fan of the Indiana Jones films or not you’ll have plenty of fun.


  • Light-hearted and humorous
  • Fun puzzles to solve
  • Ability to play as your favorite characters


  • Combat can get repetitive
  • Nothing quite new if you’ve played previous games

Rating: 8

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2 Responses to LEGO Indiana Jones {Game Review}

  1. Yeah bro i remember playing this game. It looks nice and you seem pretty good at it! Keep it up!


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