Star Wars Battlefront Beta Impressions

So with the Beta coming to a close for Star War Battlefront from EA and DICE and from playing it most of the weekend it was available, I’ve had some time to think about the overall experience. Now with the latest Star Wars movie coming to theaters in just under two months, the hype for all things Star Wars are tremendously high right now and I’m sure EA and DICE are hoping to capitalize on that with this game. Although I was still a little skeptical of how this would turn out after Battlefield Hardline earlier this year and lest we forget the horrible launch of Battlefield 4 prior to that. So with this game I was hoping it would be great.

Right out of the gate when first loading up my first game in the Beta I was floored with how the graphics looked, especially being on console for this. The snow on the Hoth map can be blinding at times and the rocks and trenches on Sullust look great as well. The game looks good at 60fps, but supposedly the Xbox One beta was at 720p, which fooled me as it looked better than that. Frame rate wasn’t completely solid for me with my experience though as I did notice some jittering and there was a ton of lag for most of my time playing. The backdrops and landscapes in the two maps available were magnificent and something to look at.


The first mode I jumped into was Drop Zone. You’re put in teams of eight as you try and get control of escape pods that randomly spawn anywhere on the map. The team with the most pods captured by the end of the round or until you reach five will be the winners. This mode offered plenty of fun and the Sullust map was nice. The rocks and debris offered plenty of cover to use for sniper shots or to regain back your health.

The next mode I tried was Walker Assault, which is a much larger game type with a larger map. This will put you in teams of twenty offering a crazy experience that will be sure to offer up plenty of firefights. You will either be the Rebels who are trying to stop the Imperials or you will be an Imperial with the ginormous AT-ATs. This mode was probably the one I had the most fun with while playing.


Now while the majority of my time with the beta was positive, it still left me with some concerns for the final game. Firstly, the spawn locations on both of the game types were horrible. Those need to be fixed asap. Most notably during the Walker Assault. There would be times where I would spawn in and immediately be killed because there were 3-4 players from the opposing team right next to me giving me no time to react. Hopefully that is something that can be fixed in time before the launch. Another thing was the unbalance to matches. If you weren’t on the Imperial team during Walker Assault, majority of the time you were going to end up losing. There was maybe one time where I actually won while playing the Rebels. Luckily it was announced that EA/DICE are aware of this and will try to fix that.

Overall, I had a great time playing Battlefront, and look forward to the game in November. The gameplay and controls where great and didn’t take me long to get the hang of things and start really having fun. I’m still wondering how much longevity there will be with this game since it is completely online multi-player with no traditional single-player campaign aside from the Survival “horde” mode offered. Also curious to see what some of the other modes are that will be offered and if that will help with the longevity and keep players attention. So we shall see what comes with the final product and how this game eventually turns out in November.

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