Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes {Game Review}

Offering you the chance to play as some of your favorite Marvel superheroes, Disney Infinity is a great time for kids and adults. I spent the majority of my time playing the story mode in the Starter Set and didn’t really mess around too much with the Toy Box as it seemed too daunting a task of what to create. Here you’ll take control initially of either: Iron Man, Thor or Black Widow on your adventure in New York against Loki and his Frost Giants.

Disney Infinity is much like the Skylanders video game series where you use real-life action figures to unlock the digital counterparts inside the game. So it is kind of like you’re getting more for your money depending on how you look at it. Some content to play in the game, and a cool little action figure to keep on your shelf when you’re done playing. Along with the Starter Pack though, you can also buy a Spider-Man themed and Guardians of the Galaxy themed playsets to continue on the fun, but of course at an additional cost.


The initial playset of The Avengers offers you about 5-6 hours of content making your way through the story mode. While short, you still have the two other toy box games that come with the Starter Pack to lengthen the experience too if you choose to play them. I had a fun time playing through the story mode, but the experience does get repetitive, offering the same type of missions throughout. The open-world of New York is cool at first, but soon realizing it’s rather lifeless with not much going on aside from your main missions at hand. Although there are side quests scattered throughout the city for you to take on at any time such as; races, collecting objects or destroying orbs in a set amount of time.

Each character that you play with has their own skill tree attached to them that you unlock abilities as you progress. Although you may want to choose wisely on how you spend your skill points since reaching the max level of 20 won’t let you completely unlock everything in the skill tree. And even completing the entire story mode won’t get you to max level either. I think I got to only level 15 or so by the time all the story missions were done with. But each character has a good amount of variety in their skills and attacks. Thor and Iron Man being my favorites because of their flying/hover ability and making traveling through levels easier. Blasting enemies away with Iron Man’s pulse shots or Thor’s Lightning strikes always remains fun the entire time. Black Widow seems to be at a disadvantage initially though with no superpowers it can be tough for her to navigate the world.

Disney Infinity3

Gameplay and combat-wise can be a little rough sometimes. Like when trying to pick up an object or an enemy won’t register and having to try again can get frustrating when it happens frequently. The foundation of the gameplay mechanics do their job just fine though but as said earlier, the combat can become rather tedious. Performing combos can sometimes get rather annoying if your enemy has died before the combo is finished, as there is no way to stop the combo. So you’re left swinging at the air instead of being able to move onto the next target. While trivial, it did get on my nerves a bit towards the end of the story mode. Driving vehicles in this game is horrendous and should be avoided at all costs. Going in a straight line is okay, but as soon as you need make a turn you’ll most likely find yourself rammed in the side of a building.  

The graphics in this game are by no means the high-quality of some AAA titles today, but that’s not what they are going for either. It has a cartoony art-style that works well with the game. Although textures in the open-world did look rather choppy at times. Framerate can dip down at times when there is a lot going on on the screen and when gameplay gets quite busy, especially in co-op mode. The audio and sound effects are decent for a game like this. Voice acting is passable at best. I’m not sure if some of the actors from the actual Marvel movies are in here, but Nick Fury sure did sound like the real Samuel L Jackson, so that was a nice little touch. Others were notably not the movie actor counterparts.


While a majority of the negatives I have with the game are just because I’m an older gamer, this game should have no problem being a wonderful experience for a younger crowd. That’s not to say I didn’t have fun with my time, but the nitpicks I had with it would easily be overlooked by the core audience playing this game. And because of that aspect, I feel like they did a good job with this and aiming this at their core audience — kids and families. A rather short experience if you don’t venture off into the Toy Box, but still easily worth the money with this game.


  • Fun and charming story mode in the Marvel universe
  • Nicely detailed figures


  • Some poor textures and character models at times
  • Combat can get frustrating/repetitive
  • Missions are not re-playable unless a whole new game is started

Rating: 7

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