Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare {Game Review}

While most shooters tend to take themselves seriously, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare doesn’t and is very silly, leading to a wonderful experience. It is basically Battlefield in a kiddy costume dipped in tons of fun and addictive gameplay with that Plants vs Zombies twist on it. Overall, the game is an online-only team-based multiplayer game, but there is a mode that can be done solo or with friends.


The gameplay is very solid and since its release there have been numerous updates to add more content in terms of maps and game modes. So there is plenty to do and a game mode for just about everyone’s preferences. In total there are eight game modes: Garden Ops, Gardens & Graveyards, Team Vanquish, Gnome Bomb, Vanquish Confirmed, Suburbination, Taco Bandits and Mixed Mode. We’re going to quickly breakdown each mode and explain what they are.

Garden Ops is like a horde mode where you’ll fight off waves of enemies with Boss waves sprinkled in.

Gardens & Graveyards (my favorite mode) is an attack and defense that has the Zombie team trying to capture gardens, while the Plants try to defend them.

Team Vanquish is a classic team deathmatch mode with the first team to reach 50 kills wins. You can also revive teammates to take away a point from the opposing team.

Gnome Bomb is where the plants or zombies must find the gnome bomb to destroy the opponent’s garden or graveyard.

Vanquished Confirmed is like team vanquish, but with a small twist where if players want to add points to the score you must pick up the crazy orbs from a vanquished opponent.

Suburbination has each team fighting to capture three different locations and get to a hundred points and the other team has to take at least one objective from you to stop suburbination.

Taco Bandits has the plants defending their three tacos at the taco stand from the zombies until the time runs out in the game.

Mixed Mode will mix up the different modes each round and a random one is picked. Also every round players that played as zombies will be switched to plants and vice versa.


The gameplay is surprisingly well-balanced compared to some shooters, with four different classes to choose to play from either Plants or Zombies. As you start out you will get one skill per character and as you level up your characters you’ll unlock new individual abilities. On the plants side of things there is the Peashooter with the explosive chili bean, the Chomper having the ability to burrow underground and swallow an opponent, the Cactus is more of a long-range class with sniper-like abilities and the Sunflower with the ability to heal itself and other teammates. On the Zombie side of things you can choose to play as the Foot Solider with his fast pace and rocket pack to jump to elevated areas and avoid combat, the Engineer who can build Zombot turrets and teleportation devices that will transport your team closer to objectives, the Scientist who is the healer of the Zombie team and mid-range attacks, and finally the All-Star who can be considered a “tank” being able to charge the plants and build defensive obstacles. None of the characters in the game feel like one is stronger than the other and that is what helps keep the game quite balanced.

With your continuing play in the game you’ll will constantly earn coins for just about everything you do, with extra bonuses for being on a winning team. With these coins you can go to the “sticker shop” and buy different sticker packs ranging in prices and rarity in items. This is where you’ll unlock new characters variants and items to customize the look of your characters. There is a whole lot of variety in items in the game and it would be hard to find two players that will look alike.


Visually, the game isn’t going to blow you away with its graphics, but they do look very good and go with the cartoony style of the game. Colors are bright and vibrant and is visually entertaining. There are a few texture problems, but being a fast paced first-person shooter it is not as big of a deal since you won’t notice that all the time. Personally I think the graphics fit the style of the game really well and I have no complaints. The sounds in the game are great though! You’ll be treated to plenty of funny sound effect from the different plants and zombies. The sound effects of the different weapons and explosives are nice too. They’ve even included some of the original PVZ songs into the menu and loading screens.

My experience with PVZ: Garden Warfare was a surprisingly pleasant one and with the game being cheap out the gate is the cherry on the top. You’re going to get AAA title quality fun from this game that will keep you coming back for more. I still to this day play this game and with the free updates that Pop Cap kept giving out this game just got better and better as time went on. I don’t see myself stopping from playing this game for a while, well that is until the sequel is released. I couldn’t recommend this game more to someone who’s looking for a fun shooter to get into.


  • Well-balanced gameplay
  • Plenty of character variety and customization
  • Lots of gameplay modes to choose from


  • Some texture problems on certain maps

Rating: 4.5/5

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