EA Announces EA Originals Program and New Game Fe

With the success of Unravel, EA announced today at their E3 press conference that they are creating a new program called EA Originals. The goal for this program is to bring more games into the spotlight like they did with Unravel at last year’s E3. They will be helping support and fund smaller studios to help them create the games they want to make.

Along with announcing this new program they unveiled the newest game published with this new program. Fe is a third-person platforming game that is developed by a small studio in Gothenburg known as Zoink. Fe will be taking you on an adventure through a beautiful looking world, while also sharing a personal narrative about how everything in the world is connected. They also showed us some gameplay, which you can check out below.

Currently at this time there is no official release date, but as soon as one is announced we’ll be sure to give you those details.

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