Top 5 Games Of 2016

  1. Titanfall 2


Coming off the first game that didn’t have a single-player campaign at all, Respawn took criticism and gave fans one this time around in the sequel. It provides a decent action-packed campaign that should last you around 6-7 hours, while not overstaying its welcome. The campaign also has a nice way to include the mechanics that Titanfall is known for like the wall-running and the movement system in general. The multiplayer is also another positive to add to this game, letting you run, hop, slide and wall-run your way all over the map taking out enemies. A genuine surprise for this year for sure and probably came out of nowhere for a lot of other gamers.


  1. Rocket League


While this might have already been out on the PC and PS4 last year, it was new to me in 2016 on the Xbox One so I’m including it in my top games. Who knew that combining two things like soccer and cars could end up being so much fun. With casual playlists and competitive playlists to browse, along with many other modes that have been added throughout the year, you’re sure to have a blast with this game. Rocket League is also one game that I’ll continually be able to fall back on and find it easy to hop on for a few matches here and there.


  1. Unravel


Swedish developer, Coldwood Studios, brought their puzzle platformer this year with a cute little character made out of yarn. You played as Yarny through his journey and many encounters with puzzles and the Swedish countryside. With a heartfelt story, told without words, I felt this was a great gem of 2016. The puzzles were decent enough without being overly challenging or too easy, and the mechanic of having to use your yarn to navigate was a nice touch. I look forward to seeing what Coldwood has for us in their next outing.


  1. Battlefield 1


Taking a travel back in time this year, DICE decided to tackle the WWI era for their Battlefield series and it worked beautifully. With a fantastic campaign that takes you on the journeys of multiple characters all throughout the war, while keeping variety with stealth missions, flying and even tanks. The multiplayer is also top notch. A somewhat slower paced than many might be used to, but a nice change and more simple choices on weapons. A campaign that has replay value for me and multiplayer that will keep me invested for a while, it’s a no brainer that Battlefield 1 is so high on my list.


  1. Forza Horizon 3


This is the most fun I’ve had with a game all year. Playground Games takes us down under in the Australian outback for a chance to drive your favorite supercar through deserts, sandy beaches, city streets or even a farmer’s fields. With plenty of races and different events to do in the single player, you can even jump online with a friend for some fun racing hijinks. Forza Horizon 3 is also one of the most stunning looking games this year. With plenty of scenery to take in I found so many great spots to just stop and take a photo. I’ve spent 100+ hours easily racing around Australia, the Blizzard Mountain expansion out to add even more fun and another expansion coming out later this year I’ll be playing this game for a long time.

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